[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Sugar for smart devices

Christian Stroetmann stroetmann at ontolab.com
Thu Sep 18 05:10:12 EDT 2014


Maybe somebody mentioned the following solution already on an other 
If not, then I would like to show two images of the activity screen as 
examples. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) works like the home screen 
of a well known smart device, which might be of use for adaptions of 
Sugar that run on small devices with small screens (e.g. Sugarizer and 

The first image [1] shows a common desktop as displayed on a laptop for 
children or a tablet computer.
The second image [2] shows a screen of a smartphone or a phone tablet 
(phablet) for example.
The GUI could also be scaled in such a way that it fits on the screen of 
a smartwatch, on which I am working with iRaiment as well since a year 
or so.

For sure, the icons have to be arranged in a more dense way, but these 
images are just sketches.

By the way: Who has already recognized the original GUI?

Have fun in the sun
Christian Stroetmann

[1] www.ontomax.com/images/multimedia/sugar-activity-smart_devices-01.jpg
[2] www.ontomax.com/images/multimedia/sugar-activity-smart_devices-03.jpg

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