[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release TurtleBots-26

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Fri Sep 12 21:09:33 EDT 2014

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Sugar Platform:
0.86 - 0.100

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Release notes:
-uses TurtleBlocks v207
-default yes option for save
-fix generic actuators in butia plugin
-add get firmware to butia plugin
-setxy fix
-use close function
-remove unused fischerDriver file
-stop all fischers when stop and exit
-Add polling control, close threads and fix problems
-update PyUSB and Rodi commits
-update copyright
-remove double error check
-to_ord and to_text are private
-convert function to class functions
-update stagin to v26
-add distanc complement
-update legacy
-add power support and change turn on/off function
-update TB and PyUSB
-replace tabs for spaces
-fix errors and add function to turn off actuators
-fix fischer open function
-add usb library to fischer
-adding credits
-each FT have their own sensors
-basic fischer plugin
-some comments
-some clean-up
-update commits of nxt and tb
-check socket recv function
-fixes a major issue for analog sensors in RoDI
-add definitions for missing sensors in RoDI

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