[Sugar-devel] Sugar 0.100 features on Sugar 0.102 build

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Sep 2 22:17:50 EDT 2014

what a fun time we've had, eh?  ;-)

i agree with sebastian on a monolithic sugar rpm; provided there is an
easy way to disable components not required by a user.  i dislike
having many packages for what is, on the face of it, a single desktop

i agree with jerry that making such a significant change would make
yet another barrier to entry as a developer or integrator.

i disagree with gonzalo that publishing repositories and open mailing
list discussions is enough for an ecosystem to be open to others.  it
is helpful, but it is not enough.

i agree with sebastian that sugar is too entrained with fedora;
perhaps because most people who integrate sugar do so on fedora, and
most developers seem to use fedora.

i disagree with thomas with respect to the opensuse 13.1 image; since
it is sugar 0.98, it is no proof of a viable downstream ecosystem.

suggested actions:

- declare the external dependencies in the git repositories for each
  sugar source collection, using some consistent convention, e.g. a

- regularly verify the DEPENDENCIES file matches up with the
  downstream Fedora .spec files,

- in the sugar.spec file, define a sugar-all metapackage that declares
  a dependency on sugar, and sugar-cp-all, and anything else not yet
  mentioned, ;-)

- always use devel at lists.laptop.org for olpc-os-builder discussions,
  so that sugar developers without a fedora background need not be

James Cameron

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