[Sugar-devel] Testing Sugar Activities Fedora-Live-SoaS-i686-21_Beta-4

Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Fri Nov 21 08:06:47 EST 2014

Thanks by the logs.
Now I understand what is happening with the Help activity.
Our hack to create symlinks for the _static and _images directories
don't work if the activity is installed in /usr because we don't have write
One alternative is rewrite the links at the client side with javascript.

I don't understand what is happening with the Memorize activity.

About Speak, please check if there are a file bot/alice.brn in the activity
The file is included in the sources


On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Iain Brown Douglas <
iain at browndouglas.plus.com> wrote:

> Thank you for all the work put into this new version of Sugar on a
> Stick.
> In brief testing, Sugar on a Stick prepared on a USB stick with
> Fedora-Live-SoaS-i686-21_Beta-4.iso seems to run mostly as expected.
> Help is not available from any tested Activity's icon in the Frame.
> Help 17.2 does not start, reports "Help Failed to Start".
> Speak  48, works in "type some text" mode. In "ask a question" mode
> Alice always replies "I do not understand what you are talking about"
> Memorize 48, does not start, reports "Memorize Failed to Start".
> Etoys 116 fails.
> A dialog "Cannot find image file: squeak, did you run 'initsqueak -m'?"
> is seen, followed by a "Sorry, best to abandon" (or similar) message.
>         Alternatively,
>         [liveuser at localhost ~]$ inisqueak -m
>         No default image, looking for alternatives...
>         I could not find an image to install.
>         Did you install squeak-image?
>         Please check your Squeak installation.
> In the second case Etoys opens, rapidly becomes unusable, and will
> will not close with Stop button,
> I have attached logs from the 4 Activities.
> With thanks
> Iain
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Gonzalo Odiard

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