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Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Thu Jun 19 08:53:55 EDT 2014

This is very a very interesting development.
Two comments:
* In xo-4, we define the env variable GTK_IM_MODULE=Maliit and Gtk open the
on screen keyboard
when needed, without need modify the code. I think you should explore a
similar solution.
If not, you will need modify, not only sugar, but every activity. In the
end will not be sustainable.

* Please send patches for bin/sugar.in and src/jarabe/view/keyhandler.py,
and will be accepted,
other will need more analysis/testing.


On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 1:05 PM, Ryan Cunningham <rvskmbrly3 at gmail.com>

> I have forked your "sugarlabs/sugar" GitHub repository and made some
> changes necessary to enable Sugar to operate successfully on ARM tablets.
> The most important change is the requirement of installation of the
> onBoard on-screen keyboard from Ubuntu; it is to be automatically invoked
> on entry into any text field (except if onBoard is already running) and is
> to be automatically killed on departure from that field; therefore, some
> activities may have to be ported specifically for this architecture.
> The new repository branch is at <
> https://github.com/rcunning01/sugar/tree/arm>. It is public; however,
> only I have authorization to modify it.
> I am writing this e-mail to query for any results from testing this on any
> Android tablet (this version does not work with Android phones) you might
> have or desire to purchase. However, such a test causes /all/ existing data
> on the tablet (including core OS data) to be erased, so deploy carefully.
> The software itself, however, is, and should continue to be,
> platform-independent.
> The results should be as follows, if any errors are generated:
> * Abnormal tracebacks from the Python interpreter (said tracebacks are
> accessed via the Log activity)
> * Abnormal exception reports from ADB (the Android Debugger)
> * Suggestions for correction
> This version continues to use GTK+. You will need to modify the resulting
> Android OS image, adding to it cross-compilations (for the ARM platform) of
> the following applications and libraries:
> * X11
> * The Metacity window manager
> * GTK+
> * Pango
> * GLib
> * GObject-Introspection
> * ATK
> * GDK-Pixbuf
> * PyGObject
> * Python 2.7
> * sugar-artwork
> * sugar-toolkit-gtk3
> Tell me if more are needed.
> (This version does not have cell phone network support. The Terminal
> activity, when ported to ARM, should require that the destination device
> have sufficient access privileges [on Android, this is obtained by
> rooting], and, with this port, should be a separate download.)
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