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Sam Parkinson sam.parkinson3 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 06:51:21 EDT 2014


NOTE: check out the cdn version of the site: http://aslo.cf/

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 12:07 PM, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 01, 2014 at 07:58:17PM +1000, Sam Parkinson wrote:
> > I added a blog within the aslo page. What do you think? (here is the
> > url if you don't want to scroll up: )
> I don't think a blog is needed there.

OK, I probably needed to give that a bit of a rational.
It would be nice to have a blog for a bit of editorial content on the ASLO.
Many app stores have things like featured apps of the week and stuff and it
would be nice to have that - I could help write some.
It would be impossible to make it work for every sugar user (every lang...)
but it would be nice for some users.

> Make it faster, Make it faster.........

Thanks for the tips :)
I have taken tried out many of them; and there has been noticeable
improvements in speed (~311kb vs ~700kb).

I also got a (free) domain (freenom is a good site :P) and tried out
cloudflare.  Try it out at http://aslo.cf/
They have some pretty evil js compression which made it a lot faster - but
since it broke some sloppy code I had to disable it - I will fix that so I
can get REAL FAST JS!!!!!!
Otherwise the performance is pretty similar (I think the biggest thing
cloudflare does is merge js files automatically - which I am doing already).
Supposedly clouldflare takes load off your server; I am waiting for my
dashboard to update for stats though :)

I will look for some metrics, but maybe clouldflare could help take some of
the load for the current aslo (17s load according to firefox) and
www.sugarlabs.org (100% static = 100% cache-able)

> On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 09:10:10PM +1000, Sam Parkinson wrote:
> >     But in a quick search I wasn't able to find what Flash is
> >     actually being run.  Maybe it is something in persona.org.  Do
> >     you really need to uyse persona.org?
> >
> > I think persona is a good login system for users since there is no
> > confirm your email stuff.  For me, it provides valid email
> > addresses, which is VERY useful.
> Okay, but it costs data and time.  In my latest test, it costs at
> least 229 KB and 1.7 seconds to load.  While _you_ might want it, do
> your needs need to be satisfied regardless of the impact on all your
> users?

OK, I will start writing a login system.
I will try and make it integrate really well with sugar (read: lets hack
browse activity to have 0-click logins).

> >     - the slowest response of 1550 ms was from
> >       aslo-bot-master.sugarlabs.org, and this large response time
> >       persisted on repeated refreshes.
> >
> > Oh, that always hit the filesystem. I added a cache now.
> Did you measure the time?  It is 1446 ms now, hardly different from
> before.  The filesystem is already cached by the operating system, so
> adding a cache should have achieved nothing unless you were waiting
> for a write to disk to complete.

OMG. I see in firefox that about half of that time is DNS! It is on
sugarlabs servers so maybe our dns is really bad!  I have no idea about
this, maybe @Bernie will know?

> >     - the web site depends on multiple servers, so the mean time between
> >       failure (MTBF) is dramatically reduced.  See [1].
> >
> > Well, I think that splitting the servers is actually better.  Some
> > things are served by reliable cdns (good).  But separating the
> > non-essential bits (comments, recommendations) means that crashes
> > there will not effect the essential bits (data.json or
> > aslo-bot-master.sugarlabs.org)
> You're so brave.  But Sugar Labs has to be careful.  Careful web
> design puts the whole content on reliable servers, but as few as
> possible, and this results in web sites that continue to function
> despite the various temporary problems that occur on the internet.
> Such problems are magnified in environments where Sugar is deployed;
> saturated networks, low performance, failed server lookups, etc.
OK, you know a lot more about this that me; what do you recommend?

> Does it need to look different on Firefox?

Ok, I'll fix it......... soon........ -ish.

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