[Sugar-devel] Upgrading x01

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sun Jun 1 23:12:27 EDT 2014

I understand the community has shifted to GTK3 builds two years ago, 
however I am at least in part responsible for deploying Sugar 0.94 GTK2 
based on 11.3.x ("Hexoquinasa" [1]) to most of Peru's XOs. 

It's not perfect, but I call it a classic. Alsroot, Laura and I along 
with testers and feedback from the field have implemented the first 
iteration 0.9 of Sugar Network which is in production as of now.

Our statistics monitor recently surpassed 10.000 total users registered 
over Internet. At a conservative guesstimate of 20% connectivity, I'd 
say we have some 50k users. Early data suggest users are liking having 
access to launching activities from the network from an extra Sugar 
view (that is Sugar Network's killer feature).

The downside with the technical decision to stick with GTK2 is that we 
don't yet have a Sugar Network enabled platform for XO1.75+ or an 
uptodate Sugar based distribution for regular PCs that works with GTK3 

Hopefully we'll reach that goal sooner rather than later, so that we 
can make it available for more users.

Originally this is a reply to a thread on the "support gang" but in all 
honesty I object to that list's being closed so I extend it to 
sugar-devel as well.

[1] http://pe.sugarlabs.org/ir/Proyecto%20Piloto%20Hexoquinasa/Instalar

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