[Sugar-devel] Feature proposal: ability to start an activity from inside another

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Fri Jan 24 23:22:22 EST 2014

El 22/01/14 15:08, Sam Parkinson escribió:
> Does the activities.sugarlabs.org <http://activities.sugarlabs.org> 
> let you search by bundle id? If so that could be used to guide the 
> user to what they need (like package kit on gnome). It would be really 
> easy to go: launch activities.sugarlabs.org/bundleid/org.this.that 
> <http://activities.sugarlabs.org/bundleid/org.this.that> with the api :) 
This is exactly one of the main aspects of what the Sugar Network is 
intended to do!
Check this out:


With a Sugar Network enabled shell, currently it's possible to "launch" 
an activity with clicking in it's icon within the context info area, in 
the Sugar Network view.

Click on the center image to "launch".
Icons around it include questions, ideas, problems on the left side, and 
reviews, feedback list and artifact list on the right.
This is only the initial implementation that is being used in Peru. 
Hopefully we'll begin seeing some more feedback from the field by this 

I really hope this year we can promote the Sugar Network among the 
upstream community and make it useful for everyone.

Best regards,

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