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Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 18:47:09 EST 2014

Conversation about the tasks to work on issue on #sugar

23:27 < SAMdroid_> dnarvaez: What sort of projects are good to recomend?
                   we make a big list of activity ideas?
23:30 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: I think the big problem with lists is that
                  need to be maintained, otherwise they are soon more
                  then useful because they contain stuff that has already
                  done, that it's not very interesting anymore etc
23:30 < SAMdroid_> Yes, I see
23:30 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: so yeah, I think we need that kind of list,
but we
                  should try to figure out the best way to write it so that
                  it's maintained easily
23:31 < SAMdroid_> Don't we the sugar-love tag on the bug tracker?
23:32 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_:
23:32 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: very little stuff on it and likely not
23:32 < SAMdroid_> Your right :(
23:33 < dnarvaez> In a way, I'm not sure we need a sugar-love keyword
23:33 < dnarvaez> every valid bug is a good way to get started
23:33 < SAMdroid_> I agree
23:33 < dnarvaez> most of the time you can't say what is hard or easy for
23:36 < dnarvaez> laying with was to keep someting like a top 10 bugs list
23:36 < dnarvaez> that wouldn't be a lot of work to maintain
23:36 < SAMdroid_> dnarvaez: I think we need to look down to the core of
                   issue; what do we need to do? How do we better find our
23:38 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: that's really difficult to answer though :)
And in
                  a way what we need to do is determined by what
                  like to do...
23:38 < dnarvaez> s/what we need/what we can
23:40 < SAMdroid_> dnarvaez: So then we sort of get back to posting bug
                   and vauge things. A bug list does sound like a good idea
23:40 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: we sort of have a bug list for core, see
                  tickets" on bugs.sugarlabs.org. But nothing for
23:41 < dnarvaez> I mean there are activities bugs there but I'm not sure
                  what state of triaging
23:42 < SAMdroid_> Why don't we do a top ten tickets this week thing
(ttttw: it
                   has a cool abbrivation)
23:42 < dnarvaez> a list of activities list is good btw I think, maybe we
                  should put that in a trac compoennt or something
23:43 < SAMdroid_> Ok sounds great!
23:43 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: yeah the top 10 thing is something we should
try I
23:43 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: I need to leave but I'll post this to the list
23:43 < dnarvaez> SAMdroid_: thanks for the ideas :)
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