[Sugar-devel] Feature proposal: ability to start an activity from inside another

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Wed Jan 22 08:49:55 EST 2014

Hey Tincho,

2014/1/21 Martin Abente <martin.abente.lahaye at gmail.com>:
> A while ago, I submitted a patch [1] to allow opening Browse (or others)
> from another activities links.
> Maybe we could do something similar to that :)?
> Refs:
> 1.http://marc.info/?l=olpc-sugar&m=129485435106175&w=2

I searched the ML history and found some threads that mentioned your
patch, but couldn't find it (got a 404 in patchwork).  I thought your
patch was only for the URI, wich Daniel N landed, but it seems to have
landed for the web effort.  This is currently possible:

    sugar-launch org.laptop.WebActivity --uri http://.../

the site will open in Browse.

> -cmd_args = activityfactory.get_command(activity)
> +cmd_args = activityfactory.get_command(activity, options.activity_id,
> +                                options.object_id, options.uri)

using get_command() directly seems like a shortcut, but skips the
Rainbow security that happens in ActivityCreationHandler.
sugar-launch is skipping Rainbow.

.. manuq ..

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