[Sugar-devel] Collaboration support for sugar web activities

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Mon Jan 13 10:33:46 EST 2014

2014/1/11 Emil Dudev <emildudev at gmail.com>:
>> 3) In my opinion, Web Collaboration without a server (XS Server or an
>> Internet Server) has no sense. So I don't think we have to handle the
>> complexity for a stand alone collaboration into web activities.
> Most of (if not all) of my work on the TogetherJS integration was done
> offline.
> The activities don't really need an Internet connection and I think that
> supporting web collaboration locally is needed.

Yes! One of the best features of Sugar of all times is being able to
collaborate through the mesh, without the need of a central server.

>> 5) I'm thinking to integrate collaboration in my Sugarizer prototype [1].
>> If we could reproduce all presence features in our Sugar web collaboration
>> API, I could fully reproduce network view, invitation/join in Sugarizer. So,
>> when Sugar Web Activities will work in Sugarizer, users will have a full
>> featured Sugar collaboration experience. It's why I think we should have a
>> full control of collaboration implementation instead of depending of a tier
>> API.
> Writing a low level API would not be hard. It's the high level stuff from
> TogetherJS that will be lost.
> Don't get this wrong, I'm not all for TogetherJS. It's just one of the many
> possibilities. I was given this library to work with and I liked for the
> things it gives. I took the simpler approach of using it, instead of
> rewriting it.
> I, too, don't like many of it's GUI stuff. But I think that they can be
> reworked.

I agree. TogetherJS is great, and we should work with them to
modularize their code in order to let us use our GUI.  I think they
will welcome our contributions.

.. manuq ..

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