[Sugar-devel] New year, new testing image

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Jan 13 00:02:15 EST 2014

Sorry for the long delay, I started a draft response on a tablet that I
didn't pick up for some time.

On 01/05/2014 08:33 PM, Matthew Ciao wrote:
> Hi Bernie, how are you going there? 
> Loooong time no see, hope you're doing well mate! :)

So I'm still here in Cambridge MA, enjoying the freezing weather of New
England. And you're enjoying the nice, mild weather of Sydney, I suppose?

> Can I ask to what degree you're planning to use AU images? 
> Would it be for testing only (yourself?) or actual major deployments? 

I've installed the oz images on all my XOs. I've setup a mini-museum of
OLPC at Google's Cambridge office. People passing by sometimes stop and
play with the laptops, so I want them to see the best version of Sugar

Sorry I couldn't find the time to test properly and file bugs.

> Very briefly, the AU software now includes a statistics-collection
> software that sends data to our servers matching the serial number of
> the XO against our local serial-numbers database. 
> This means that if you're going to deploy the image on, say 100 laptops,
> those will then sync data to our db which results in serial numbers not
> matching. 
> I am worried about the scale of this issue, which might fill our db with
> incoherent data so perhaps (Martin, Gonzalo?) we should think about a
> way to prevent any confusion in case the AU image is used somewhere else
> around the world.

Have you thought of asking for permission to send statistics as part of
first-time setup? Then I'd just answer no and be done. Moreover, it's
standard industry practice to obtain explicit user consent for data
collection, and if you don't do that soon or later someone might get upset.

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