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Thu Jan 9 14:40:35 EST 2014

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0.96 - 0.100

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Release notes:
This version of Memorize add two main features.
* A complete port to gtk3, with improvements in the use with touch.
* New games if the art4apps rpms [1] are installed (need version >= 0.3).

Thanks to Simon Schampijer and Ignacio Rodriguez by the work on the port to gtk3!

More than 50 changes where included in this release,
a simplified log is included here:

Fix touch interaction with game board (Gonzalo Odiard)
Enable use with the game keys - SL #3552 (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Set the right espeak voice in art4apps games (Gonzalo Odiard)
Select cards with touch events - SL #4109 (Gonzalo Odiard)
Set audio path in art4apps games when restart (Gonzalo Odiard)
When playing a sound, wait until finish to allow flip other card (Gonzalo Odiard)
Play art4apps audio files if available (Gonzalo Odiard)
Drop usage of python-libxml2 - Fixes SL #3420 (Gonzalo Odiard)
Fix update button state on games with images preloaded (Gonzalo Odiard)
Create games with art4apps resources (Gonzalo Odiard)
Add menues for art4apps games if installed (Gonzalo Odiard)
Remove code not used in the speak directory (Gonzalo Odiard)
Fix remove of cards (pending of port) (Gonzalo Odiard)
Pyflakes & pep8 fixes (Gonzalo Odiard)
When a new pair is added to the game, display it (Gonzalo Odiard)
Substitute the FontCombo by a FontButton (Gonzalo Odiard)
Reorganize canvas if the screen is rotated (Gonzalo Odiard)
Port espeak gstreamer part to use dynamic bindings (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Port the eye, mouth and face code of the speaking robot to gtk3 (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Roundbox drawing port (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Port svgcard drawing (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Port fixes in cardlist.py (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Gobject port fixes (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Port to gtk3: parent to get_parent (Ignacio Rodriguez)
Change set_icon_name in buttons (Ignacio Rodriguez)
self.allocation is not available anymore (Simon Schampijer)
Do not use deprecated _shared_activity member (Simon Schampijer)
Replace "expose-event" signal by the new "draw" signal (Simon Schampijer)
pack_start/pack_end: we have to pass all arguments now with the dynamic bindings (Simon Schampijer)
Use 'icon_name' property instead of the 'named-icon' one (Simon Schampijer)
More gobject and gdk import fixups (Simon Schampijer)
Convert the sugar imports to sugar3 (Simon Schampijer)
Fixup of the leftovers from the convert script (Simon Schampijer)
Running pygi-convert.sh as a first step to port to GTK+ 3 (Simon Schampijer)
Updated translations (localization community)

[1] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Art4Apps

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