[Sugar-devel] What should be the ideal range for animations FPS ?

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 05:49:56 EST 2014

Thank you very much : so I undestand that this is at the same time a
software and a hardware (with temperatures) concern.
And that the process can be different in cases of raster based programs and
vector based programs.

Unfortunately, I can only test programs on my two computers (an old PC and
a recent laptop) : so the hardware part will hardly be tested by my means.
Meanwhile, when I asked this question, I had in mind that a suggested range
of values, as a guideleness, can be known : perhaps not now, as, like you
pointed me, one may not have enough informations and tests in order to
"fetch" those values.

And also, as I've been told on this mailing list, there is a new Javascript
API in order to let the computer(web browser ?) hold this value for the

So I think the "issue" can easily be solved : at least with this
requestAnimationFrame() function.


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