[Sugar-devel] Porting the application I started (chess_learning) to Web application

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 13:46:02 EST 2014

Thank you for your advices.

In fact, for the pictures, I plan to use those from Wikimedia Commons :
I've been told on this mailing list that it can be OK.

For the screen sizes, I'll try to do my best to work for the common screen
sizes, though I have a laptop of 16'' (an so a kind of 16/9 configuration
instead of 4/3).


2014/1/6 Manuel Quiñones <manuq at laptop.org>

> 2013/12/13 laurent bernabe <laurent.bernabe at gmail.com>:
> > Apologizing,
> >
> > for the blurred effect on pictures, it is because even in its tiny size,
> > each imported image was blurred. Low quality pictures bring us to low
> > quality programs ... and I should have been aware about that.
> Depending on the kind of image, and if you are able to create them
> again, you can use SVG images.
> > for the screen size, the only problem may be the resolution/density.
> > Meanwhile, it does not seem to me that it is a big problem.
> You should program your activity to work in different screen sizes,
> rates and resolutions.
> --
> .. manuq ..
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