[Sugar-devel] olpc-france, my summary

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Thu Apr 17 03:10:29 EDT 2014

Lionel gave a nice demo of Sugarizer in progress, with Journal items
shared through a server.

I presented Sugar development process and how to get involved.  Also
talked about Sugar Web.

Jon Nettleton presented Open WebOS via hangout.  Is an interesting
platform, and the UI very much like Sugar.

Christoph Derndorfer and Bastien Guerry raised the question "how will
Sugar be in 2021?".  I think is up to the people getting involved.
Devs, deploys, pedagogues.

There were also good talks about learning (Teachers engagement in
technology). Also enjoyed the Semantic Web talk.

I tried to hack as much as possible.  Worked with Hiou and Loic in a
web activity that talks with Hiou's translation AI library.  Helped
Tony Anderson to get Flash installed in XO-1.  Gave a Sugar intro to
youngers that are going to work in Madagascar deploy.

Thanks a lot to the organizers, and to Loic for hosting me :)


.. manuq ..

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