[Sugar-devel] [support-gang] Sugar on a $100 tablet!

Ruben Rodríguez ruben at activitycentral.com
Sun Sep 29 10:58:57 EDT 2013

2013/9/29 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>:

> Will some of you be at the SF Summit?

Yes, I'll be there. I'll be submitting my workshop proposal today.

> I can bring my XO Tablet if you would
> like to test Sugar on it. All I ask is that you sweep it clean when finished
> so I can re-customize it for my grand daughter. It's to be her present for
> her third birthday in late December.
> Caryl
> P.S. If others can bring other Android devices they don't mind messing with
> that would be great. In fact, maybe you could play with my Samsung phone...
> same conditions... wipe it clean or restore it when we have finished
> playing.

Well, what I did on the Nexus was possible because GNU/Linux was
already bootable in that particular machine, for other devices it
would be quite more difficult and out of the scope of the workshop. We
can check what devices are candidates for it.

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