[Sugar-devel] Web activities on XO-4

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 15:11:43 EDT 2013

Nice work. Did you check that you are actually getting a different origin
in each activity using the "new" approach to activity://?

On Wednesday, 18 September 2013, Manuel Quiñones wrote:

> I finally got web activities working on XO-4, in the AU build
> published yesterday [1] .  I did it by modifying webactivities.py to
> use WebKitGTK1 instead of v2.  The changes are:
> https://github.com/manuq/sugar-toolkit-gtk3-1/compare/webacts-webkit1
> I tried it with Gears Activity v3, and is working.  It stores the data
> and the metadata.  So it is communicating with the shell just fine.
> The touchscreen is not responding very well, at least in this
> activity.  I can tap buttons, but I can barely drag to move a gear or
> to draw one.  The dragging seems to be cancelled in the middle of the
> action.  Mouse input works fine.
> Also as expected, the icons look small in the XO screen because I need
> to adapt the theme.  But that is an easy one, just changing the
> CEL_SIZE variable in the LESS file to create another CSS for the XO
> screen DPI, and adding a CSS media query selector to the HTML.  I'll
> provide a patch to sugar-web-template and will update my web
> activities.
> The inspector is not working, it does not display.  It shoud display
> by Ctrl+Shift+I or by right-click -> "Inspect element".  There is no
> error in the logs and the API is there [2], but nothing is happening.
> Surprisingly, JavaScript console logs go to the activity log.  We are
> missing that in master.
> I managed to keep the activity:// scheme that we need for the
> same-origin policy, but I still had to add the setting
> 'enable-file-access-from-file-uris' to workaround the cross-site
> requests.  I can't find a way to register the URI scheme in WK1, so I
> added a big FIXME.
> [1] http://build.laptop.org.au/xo/os/sugar-100/build-21/
> [2]
> http://webkitgtk.org/reference/webkitgtk/stable/WebKitWebInspector.html
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