[Sugar-devel] Are we ready for code freeze?

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Tue Sep 3 07:28:40 EDT 2013

Thanks a lot Jerry and Gonzalo,

2013/9/2 Gonzalo Odiard <gonzalo at laptop.org>:
> Yes, you are right about the schedule.
> My comment was based in my perception (can be wrong)
> of the work in the last weeks. Following the pull requests,
> most of the work is related to web, only a few were related to bugs.

They were bugs for web, but I can see your point.  I think we should
not suspend development of sugar-web.  As said before, the code is
quite separated from the rest of Sugar.

> Part of the problem, like other said, is actually
> we don't have images available to provide to people to help
> with the test.

At least we have rpms now.  Thanks.

.. manuq ..

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