[Sugar-devel] new feature for 102: Launch Limits

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 12:53:51 EST 2013

I wrote up a page for a proposed enhancement to set limit to open
activities and open instances [1].


At the request of OLPC AU (in an effort to reduce OOM freezes) this
patch uses gconf to set a maximum number of open activities. An alert
is shown if the user tries to launch more activities than the maximum
asking them to close an activity before opening a new one. If
maximum_number_of_open_activites is not set or == 0, then there is no
maximum limit applied.

Further, Some activities don't behave well if more than one instance
is open (e.g., SL #4554). This patch sets a limit on the number open
instances of an activity based on a new field in activity.info:

If and only if the maximum_instances field is present in
activity.info, is it used to set the limit of open instances.

thanks for your consideration.


[1] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/LaunchLimits

Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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