[Sugar-devel] Tuxmath on 0.96+ mystery

lionel at olpc-france.org lionel at olpc-france.org
Fri Mar 29 13:11:53 EDT 2013


Here [1] is the patched version of Tuxmath that work on Sugar 0.96+  (*) !

To sum up the thread, there was 3 issues:
- In activity.info, the property "service_name" should be renamed
- In activity.info, the property value "exec" should NOT be prefixed by
"sugar-activity" because the "tuxmath-activity" value is not a Python class
but a shell file,
- I've patched the .XO file on Windows (shame on me :-), so all binary/shell
files has lost their "x" flag.

These 3 issues give me the strange way of working described in my previous
- Non patched activity don't work,
- Activity patched after install work because the "tuxmath-activity" has
been executed a first time,
- Activity patched before install don't work because the "tuxmath-activity"
script can't be executed.

Lot of time spent but I think that lot of children in Madagascar, Haiti,
East Timor or elsewhere will enjoy to play to their favorite activity in
Sugar 0.96+ :-)

Thanks a lot Daniel, Alan and Gonzalo to help me to understand the issue.

Best regards from France.


 [1] http://olpc-france.org/download/tuxmath-3.xo 
(*) XO 1/XO 1.5 only due to binary content. Should work also on 0.98 (not

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