[Sugar-devel] Features for 0.100

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 07:44:53 EDT 2013


we already had a bit of discussion on what 0.100 should focus on in
the schedule thread. I'll try to summarize it here.

IMPORTANT: the consensus seems to be that we should be having the
discussion about features early this cycle, to try and narrow the
scope of the release as much as possible. So here is your chance to
propose features, there won't be a feature acceptance deadline later.

* Simon proposed that we make html5 activities the main focus of the
release and people responded favorably (do you think that's a bad
idea? Please speak up!). We need to articulate better what this
involves exactly, which new glucose components will have to be
developed, which activities. There as been some experimentation but
there is more left to do, the initial part of the cycle will involve

* Ajay proposed a couple of features which has been delayed from
previous cycles.


There is some concern that it might be too big of a change. We should
probably decide on the base of the patches that Ajay will be sending
out soon.


It seems to be ready to go in.

* Walter proposed a few other features which went already through
several reviews (do we have feature pages for these perhaps?)

- homeview background image
- multi-homeview
- webservices
- comment field in journal detail view

So 0.100 seems to be shaping up as a release devoted mainly to html5
activities, while landing a few features which are almost ready. What
does everyone think about that?

Daniel Narvaez

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