[Sugar-devel] Tuxmath on 0.96+ mystery

lionel at olpc-france.org lionel at olpc-france.org
Wed Mar 27 17:49:36 EDT 2013

Hi all,


Tuxmath activity is a Sugar best seller. Unfortunately it not works on 0.96+

The issue is related to “activity.info”. So, to fix the activity you just
had to download/install the latest version here [1].

Then open Terminal activity and update the “activity.info” file into
“Activities\Tuxmath.Activity” directory from:


                service_name = org.ceibaljam.Tuxmath

exec = tuxmath-activity



bundle_id = org.ceibaljam.Tuxmath

exec = sugar-activity tuxmath-activity


Once this correction done, the activity works normally !


For a very strange reason, when you patch the “activity.info” before install
it, the activity don’t work at all !!!!!!!

Here is the package patched [1]. The only change between the original
package and this one in the “activity.info” file.


I can’t understand how the activity:

*         Work when installed then patched,

*         Don’t work when patched then installed.


Really appreciate any advice to solve this. 

It’s very important to us to deploy Tuxmath.


Best regards.







[2] http://laske.fr/tmp/tuxmath-2.patched.xo 



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