[Sugar-devel] 0.100 release schedule

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Mar 27 13:47:48 EDT 2013

On 03/27/2013 01:36 PM, Daniel Narvaez wrote:
> Hello,
> here is an initial schedule for 0.100
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.100/Roadmap
> Notes:
> * Still unclear if it's going to be 0.100 or 1.0. We should probably
> decide after we know what the focus of the release is going to be.

That sounds good, 0.100 is a good working name for now.

> * I have not allocated dates for unstable tarballs. Is it actually
> worth spending time building those? Is anyone using them?

So far, Fedora has been picking them up and they made their way into the 
OLPC images that way. It is not much overhead to do, I would stick to it.

> * I merged a few freezes together to simplify things.

Like Gonzalo said a few mails later, it is a good thing to have the 
Feature freeze before the UI and String freeze. Often Features have been 
landed just at this date and then we had to arrange for exceptions of 
changes for UI and Strings later.

Sometimes a Feature sees quite significant changes once more people test 
it, that is why it is good to separate them.

> * Relevant GNOME and Fedora schedules are still unknown so I couldn't
> try to sync with those.

Yes, those appear always a bit later. GNOME is usually around the end of 
September, so your current dates work.

> Thoughts?

About the general strategy, it would be great to foster around a common 
goal, to me the html5 activities would fit perfectly here. There is 
still to define the exact goals of the feature itself but the research 
Daniel has been doing here is a good base for it.

The nice thing with html5 activities is that they can be used on 
different platforms, for example the discussions about Sugar on Android 
would benefit from that work. And it would be a nice addition to get new 
developers on board.

For the other features, I would suggest to limit them and check the ones 
that have been deferred previously (e.g. multi select in Journal) in 
releases and the one that have been submitted as of today (e.g. 
background in Home) for inclusion in this cycle.


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