[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] Google Summer of Code project ideas

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 10:47:55 EDT 2013

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 6:17 PM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
> We have been accumulating project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2013
> [1]. Please take a few minutes to add a favorite project or sign on as
> a co-mentor to an existing project. Also, feel free to help us refine
> the descriptions on the pages. (I've added a bit of text to the end of
> each project, describing how it benefits both Sugar and the student
> working on the project. These blurbs need some refining.
> The deadline is the 29th of this month, so please act in the next day or two.

I've added a PackageKit based Update Control Panel. The current
implementation is completely broken and for deployments that might
want to control updates it's not overly useful. PackageKit is
distribution agnostic so would work on Fedora/Debian/SuSE/Arch/Ubuntu

I can mentor from the OS side of things but would need someone to lead
for the Sugar/Python side of things.



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