[Sugar-devel] Next release

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 08:07:21 EDT 2013


we are pretty late in the cycle for the next release without much
development having been landed on the master branch. At this point I
think we need to consider what our options are. If we had to release 6
months after 0.98.0, that would be the beginning of June, thus only 2
months and half left. Things are even worst if we consider the GNOME
schedule, which have been trying to stay somewhat synced with. In fact
3.8 is being released these days.

So, here are the possibilities I see

1 Try to stick to the plan anyway, land the features that have been
developed so far and try to stabilize them in time for June.
2 Focus on a polish only release for June and delay new features to
the next cycle.
3 Skip the June release altogether, start a new 6 months cycle now.
Work on another stable release in parallel.

My feeling is that 1 is not very realistic. There is very little time
and our maintainers and most active contributors are going to be busy
polishing for upcoming OLPC release. We should consider that Fedora 19
will stay on 0.98. So even if we manage to release in time, the
release won't be much distributed.

I'm not too sure about 2 vs 3. Our maintainers haven't been getting
much help with the polishing phase of the release cycle and it would
be good to send a message to the community that it's an important part
of the work, by dedicating a few months exclusively to it. Though I'm
not too keen of blocking master for another few months, keeping code
which has already been submitted long ago out of the tree.

What does everyone think?

Daniel Narvaez

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