[Sugar-devel] Fwd: Proposal on how to speed up patch reviews

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Mar 26 07:26:18 EDT 2013

On 03/26/2013 12:21 PM, Manuel Quiñones wrote:
> I would like to applaud the discussion.
> Yes, I think we are blocking too much, in regards to stuff that is out
> of bugfixing, and polishing the gtk3 port.  This is indeed not good
> for the community.
> When I started in this project, my patches received reviews from many
> people, not only maintainers.  Many discussions went by.  I don't see
> that happening anymore.  We also had periodic design meetings guiding
> features.  Discussing design after the development is made isn't good,
> imho.
> It would be great if someone can stand up and become a maintainer.
> Maybe you, Daniel?  You have demonstrated your skills with
> sugar-build, and helping on the gtk3 port.

A reviewer with the authority described in this discussion is probably a 
good first start. I think that is what Daniel would be able to help us with.


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