[Sugar-devel] Proposal on how to speed up patch reviews

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Mar 26 05:37:50 EDT 2013

On 03/25/2013 01:27 PM, Gonzalo Odiard wrote:
> While I agree in theory with all this,
> we can improve our actual situation if we look at our resources,
> time and people.
> * Time: we don't have a schedule, then feature discussion can't start.
> We can improve if we have a clear path and start to define what features
> will be included in the next cycle. I am sure different players
> right now have different ideas of what the next cycle can/should be,
> we need a agreement and try to push together.

Yes, having a schedule will help. I guess if there is not a good reason 
to switch to feature based releases we can stick with time based ones. 
And keep on following the GNOME/Fedora schedule that would be 
September/October again. I guess your brain can start to think about 
what you want to achieve in such a time frame...(yes we should make a 
general call for this).

> * People: We don't have enough people really,
> and this situation can be temporally more difficult if some maintainer
> have by example .... a baby :) (to not use the classic "Linus gets hit by a
> bus")
> As a project, we need take care of the people working with us,
> see at the personal situations, and the maintainers should
> open the door to more people to be involved if possible.
> For a long time, we had only Simon and Sascha doing sugar maintainership,
> and was not enough, now we have Simon and Manuq,
> and there are too much work to do. I think we should continue
> work on trying to get somebody else involved as maintainer.
> Gonzalo

If you see people around that want to be maintainers and feel ready for 
it, great. I think I have not pushed back on someone who stepped up so 
far :)

But I think even if you aren't a nominated maintainer you can help the 
current maintainers with the work load. As described in this thread 
people can help with review and testing and helping with product polish 
especially in the last part of a cycle is helpful as well.


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