[Sugar-devel] Sugar Framework for full HTML5 activity - subject proposal for GSoC

lionel at olpc-france.org lionel at olpc-france.org
Sun Mar 24 04:16:19 EDT 2013

> It looks pretty good to me.
> I have a start of the UI stuff here
> https://github.com/ayopa/xi-artwork
> https://github.com/ayopa/xi-graphics
> Not much to see yet, but you can write a very basic toolbar with it and
display xo colored icons.
> https://github.com/ayopa/omega-examples/tree/master/toolbar
> https://github.com/ayopa/omega-examples/tree/master/icons
> Using volojs for the initial template and to pull in libraries is working
out pretty well I think.

Nice job.
It could be a good start for the look&feel item.


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