[Sugar-devel] JournalShare in ASLO

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Fri Mar 22 17:58:51 EDT 2013

I have uploaded the activity JournalShare to ASLO


While the activity objective is improve sharing of journal objects in the
I have used web technologies to allow a richer collaboration in the future,
in line with the webservices proposal.

Anyway, this is in a early stage, by example all the transference of data
is done using a web server and a telepathy stream server,
but I don't know if this solution will escalate to a full classroom,
or if is the most efficient solution. Dsd proposed use MUC DBUS Tubes,
like Record activity do, and is something to test the next week.
Other idea is use the torrent protocol.

Right now, I am running the server in a separated process,
because running it in the same process (in another thread)
blocked the UI. I will try to get it working in the same process,
because running in other process is more error prone
(at times the activity closes and the server not).
Also the port used is fixed, then only one activity can run at the same

Other problem pending to solve is when a user is downloading something
the activity does not show feedback until the download ends. While the
download code is copied from Browse, I don't know why is not working in the
same way.

The activity show the favorite items in the journal, like Portfolio does.
In the future will allow
selecting specific items from the journal to create a collection the shared

Testing and ideas are welcome. Nothing is in stone.

Have a nice weekend.

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