[Sugar-devel] Plans for SoaS v9

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 08:59:37 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I'm trying to get a little bit more organised for this cycle than I
have been over the last couple.

The plans for SoaS v9 are going to be somewhat simple. We're going to
stick with the 0.98.x release of Sugar and focusing on polish.

I would like to see more people testing and using it during the dev
cycle so I don't get the "My Activity is broken" post release or five
minutes before release when we're generating final images and pushing
them out to the Fedora mirrors.

I would also like to remove sugar-presence-service but that would mean
either dropping eToys or the developers stepping up to actually fix
the dependency that they've only been promising to do for 2 or so

Is there anything in particular that people would like to contribute
during this cycle? Anything I can help someone achieve? Does anyone
want to dig into the documentation on the web site to improve the

I'd also love marketing to get involved since we've not had any
publicity for a number of releases and after all Walter was telling me
some time back that it's the biggest single driver in the wiki.

Finally there's a Test Compose for the alpha available in the
following link. I've used it briefly in a VM and it boots and seems to
mostly work.



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