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Anish Mangal anish at sugarlabs.org
Fri Mar 15 14:56:23 EDT 2013

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I believe this feature was requested to address the weird proxy
configurations networks require in AU.

We shouldn't normally expect users to have to do anything related to
network configurations (why would you even require *them* to turn the
radio off/on?).  This proxy config panel was made part of network-cp
just so that people can still access network in places information has to be
* either manually entered
* proxy autoconfig url

For any other scenario the user-experience should remain unchanged.

My knowledge of this feature is about a year old, so take this as the
historical perspective. I have little idea of the current state of the
feature or its implementation.

On Friday 15 March 2013 03:28 AM, Simon Schampijer wrote:
> For this Feature it would be good to have a look at the exact use case that originated this feature
request. Activity Central worked on it, maybe they can give us details
about the request from their client to know which exact case we are
trying to solve.
> Simon
> Am 15.03.2013 um 04:29 schrieb Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net>:
>> Hi,
>> Does this mean we will need two signed images, one for the schoolserver
>> and one for the stand-alone XO? Until now, the default configuration
has assumed that proxy is provided by the schoolserver.
>> Tony
>> On 03/14/2013 11:17 PM, Gonzalo Odiard wrote:
>>> On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net
>>> <mailto:tony_anderson at usa.net>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> This discussion is making me nervous. The standard model of the XO
>>> has been that they are connected to the internet via the school server.
>>> Is it proposed to set up this proxy-server as a requirement for all
>>> XOs and for the user (primary school children) to have to manage
>>> this even when no access to the internet is available or even when
>>> that access is provided by the school server?
>>> No.
>>> This configuration is only needed in environments where there are not
>>> school server,
>>> and is not possible a automatic configuration.
>>> Gonzalo
>>> Tony
>>> On 03/14/2013 04:35 PM, sugar-devel-request at lists.__sugarlabs.org
>>> <mailto:sugar-devel-request at lists.sugarlabs.org> wrote:
>>> In other words, I can't imagine every 6-12 year old student in a
>>> school going into the control panel and typing (without
>>> error) a load
>>> of proxy details. In my experience things like this are
>>> incredibly
>>> challenging especially because the users cannot relate to
>>> the task at
>>> hand (unless you want to teach them about computer networks
>>> first).
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