[Sugar-devel] Copying contents of Journal to transfer from XO-1.75 to XO-4

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sun Jul 7 04:59:05 EDT 2013


We are swapping out a classroom of XO-1.75s to XO-4s (known as XO-Duos in
Australia I think). Is there a way of taking the majority of the contents
of the Journal from XO-1.75 onto USB and then putting it into the Journal
of the XO-4s?
I am not too concerned with getting all the data, but would like to at
least get sound, video and images they have created, as well as Write
files. Would be great if we can also get Turtleart projects and other
activity output, so would appreciate any suggestions that people have.
I am familiar with drag and drop the file from the Journal to the USB icon,
but that is one file at a time, so hoping there is another way.

We are planning on installing XO-system 1a (build 49) from Australia.
We are assuming the XO-1.75s have an old Australian build on them but don't
have these details.

We'll be at the school Monday-Wednesday NZ time so hoping for suggestions
or instructions within this timeframe.

Thank you
New Zealand
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