[Sugar-devel] somebody deleted gst-plugins-espeak from github?

Noise EHC noiseehc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 14:42:57 EDT 2013


For several days I get this, and looking at https://github.com/sugarlabs/ I
cannot see the repository either...


[ehc at localhost sugar-build]$ ./osbuild pull

= Pulling =

* Pulling automake
* Pulling glib
* Pulling gobject-introspection
* Pulling pygobject
* Pulling dbus-python
* Pulling gwebsockets
* Pulling node
* Pulling grunt-cli
* Pulling volo
* Pulling karma
* Pulling jshint
* Pulling js-beautify
* Pulling docker
* Pulling flake8
* Pulling sugar-docs
* Pulling sugar-toolkit-gtk3
* Pulling sugar
* Pulling sugar-artwork
* Pulling sugar-datastore
* Pulling gst-plugins-espeak

Command failed: git clone --progress git://
github.com/sugarlabs/gst-plugins-espeak.git gst-plugins-espeak

fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.
Cloning into 'gst-plugins-espeak'...
Retrying (attempt 1) in 1 minute

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