[Sugar-devel] Hacking onto the "appearing" and "hiding" of OSK

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Thu Jan 24 08:15:15 EST 2013

> Please find attached a sample screenshot of the "Speak" activity; the

> > has been resized to 0.7 of the original size (the screenshot doesn't
>> show a
>> > keyboard yet,  as it was done on  sugar-build).
>> Question: Do all activities behave properly when the screen is scaled
>> that way? (I don't know that all activities are paying attention to
>> resizing events. One quick way to check is to look at what happens
>> when activities are rotated.)
> I will be receiving my XO-4 Touch in a couple of days; will answer  this
> question then, after testing it in real-time :)
XO-4 does not support rotate the screen yet. You should try with other

> Just figured out one thing via Nitika's XO-4-Touch (thanks to Nitika for
> bearing my brunt of the testing-questions !!), that pressing all 4
> game-keys at once, does toggle the appearance of the OSK !!
> So, I guess, we DO have a point, wherein we can hack "resizing" of the
> window.
> So, now I have another question ::
> Where is the code for "handling game keys" handled (as far as appearance
> and disappearance of the OSK is concerned) ?
> In Firmware? In Sugar? Elsewhere?

The keyboard appear because you pressed a key (you don't need press the 4
at once, any key will show it)

Detecting osk show/hide. is more complicate than should be, in my point of
view. Probably, because the idea behind this is the osk should appear and
hide in a automatic way based in the widgets needs.

I think you should check the class DocumentView in widgets.py in Write
activity, to see how the signals are used. Carlos Garnacho worked on this.


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