[Sugar-devel] GCI2012 follow up

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 02:15:59 EST 2013

Dear GCI mentors (and activity authors, in particular),

We want to make sure that we "digest" and incorporate any
contributions made by our GCI students.  In some cases, patches have
already been committed and deployed, in other cases, a merge request
may be pending for the submitted work.  In order to help us track each
of the completed tasks to their final disposition, I have created the
following wiki page:


Listed on this page are the completed tasks, one per row.  If you were
the mentor for a given task, please review the list of completed tasks
and if the task is completely incorporated, just delete the row from
the table.  Otherwise, add some annotation to the follow-up needed or
comment columns.  Note that I have already removed all of the OCR
re-formatting and wiki clean-up tasks from this list.  I marked a few
i18n tasks as "complete" in bot hthe follow-up needed and comment
columns; but I will be going back and jsut deleting these rwos from
the table as these tasks have no follow-up needed, they have been
fully landed in our infrastructure.

To get more information on a task, append the "Key" onto a URL to see
the original history of the task on the GCI Melange server.


add 7986212 to the end of:


to see the history of that task on Melange


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