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Hi Gary,

A more suitable channel regarding your request for interest and Sugar dev
is on the sugar-devel mailing

For info about the development teams are here

The main computer-speech function in Sugar is currently run using the
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activity_Team/gst-plugins-espeak plugin with
Gstreamer. Also see the Activity
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Speak, and global text-to-speak is
part of a new feature since version 0.96 (


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Subject: [OLPC-Philippines] [allan.reprogram for the speech-impaired or
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        please excuse me for this 100-line forward from Allan Registos,
        but if you can read thru it, it will save my dislocated shoulder
        from even worse injury.

        the nutshell of my inquiry is how-to-have my voice-by-computer
        program added to Sugar.  I have been working on VBC for several
        years.  I have used early versions of this program to help me
        communicate with my friends, fellow programmers, as well as members
        of my llibrary group.

        I recently finished an early version that is for English speakers
        who are mute or have impaired speech.  In recent years I was in
        touch with people at laptop.org who said they were very much
        interested in a program for the speech impaired.

        VBC is done (( well, modulo documentation and finishing touches)).
        RAther that release it to the greater world in the BSD or Linux
        {or the Android OS}, I would prefer seeing that my program debut
        on Sugar.

        I began programming 35 years ago, earned my BSEE from Berkeley
        in 1982, and have written several small-scale programs for the
        Berkeley Software Distribution. All free and most with Gnu's
        Copyleft.  VBC should help thousands of students who cannot
        speak or speak clearly communicate with anyone.  VBC runs on
        virtually all variant of UNIX.  As is, it works well enough
        for a first-draft release.

        If there is any interest at your end, do get in touch with me
        at   kline at thought.org

        gary kline

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On Tuesday, 08 January, 2013 09:57 AM, Gary Kline wrote:
> I'll check into it, thanks. meanwhile, who should I contact at
> laptops.org who would know how to proceed? it was the 100-billion
> estimate of children with disabilities that kept me going. I want
> to start with VBC on Sugar rather than sticking in the gnu- or
> kde-accessibility realms.
You may contact the people on this list:
olpc-philippines at lists.laptop.org
That's all I know...
>>>     Need help.
>>>     thanks much!
>>>     gary kline
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