[Sugar-devel] Help required in Vte.Terminal

Gonzalo Odiard godiard at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 01:32:45 EST 2013

Hi  Kartik,
For this type of questions, is better use sugar-devel mailing list,
and if you want cc me. First, because maybe I don't have the reply,
and second, because the reply can be useful for other developers,
and the mails are archived and can be searched later.

The error I see is related to the use of Gtk3 bindings and gtk2 bindings in
the same code.
For example
"from gi.repository import Gtk" is a Gtk3 binding
"import gtk" is th eGtk2 version.

As a secondary note (but not related with the error)
is better put all the import at the beginning of the code and not
mixed with the code.


On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 2:32 AM, Kartik Kumar Perisetla <
kartik.peri at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Gonzalo,
> How are you?
> I was working on a activity where I need a Vte.Terminal instance .
> I wrote this class-
> *class VteHandler:
>     def __init__(self):
>         print "IN _VTE"
>     def getVteTerminal(self):
>         from gi.repository import Vte
>         from gtk import HBox
>         self.termObj=Vte.Terminal()
>         self.hb=HBox()
>         self.hb.add(self.termObj)
>         return self.hb*
> When I invoke getVteTerminal method of this class in main activity, I get
> this error:
> [image: Inline image 1]
> I also looked at other alternative like *import vte*. but it supports
> fork_command() which does not support SPAWN flags and thus it is not
> possible to hide propmt in VTE.
> I am grappling with this issue since few days. It would be great if you
> could help or give some pointers on how to solve it.
> Cheers!

Gonzalo Odiard
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