[Sugar-devel] Buildbot improvements

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 21:16:46 EST 2013


while waiting for sugar to be branched, I worked a lot on buildbot. There
are several improvements:

* More reliable UI test. It's still failing randomly on the new Fedora 18
slaves (haven't debugged yet) but I haven't seen random failures on the
other slaves in a while.
* We have quick builds (incremental), which are run for every commit and
full builds which are run once per day.
* The ccache support plus some other optimizations improved full build
times of almost 50%.
* The testing branch is now running on its own instance on port 8081. This
makes it possible to test buildbot itself before deploying and it allows to
keep the configuration simpler.
* We are integrating with the new buildbot multi codebase support, builds
are made with the exact revision of the change rather then with the latest
commit. This should make "blames" more reliable.
* Finally I'm automating most of the setup/management of master and slaves
using a fab script. Basically you just need to install a distro with sudo
and some basic packages and the scripts take care of the rest. And you can
easily run commands on multiple slaves. It was becoming a chore to manage
eight slaves, it should be much better now. The README has some more detail:
* I finished up F18 support hacking in a remote terminal from an iPad. It's
pretty awesome
that you can just rely on the buildbot to check that stuff is working as
expected (or... can you?
I haven't tried to run it on a real X server yet :p).

Daniel Narvaez
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