[Sugar-devel] Call for testing and feedback: alternative Journal implementation

Eduardo H. Silva hoboprimate at gmail.com
Wed May 9 16:55:49 EDT 2012

2012/5/9 Christophe Guéret <c.d.m.gueret at vu.nl>:
>> Ah, running datastore-service standalone showed that it was looking
>> for the python module rdflib . After install python-rdflib package, it
>> complains of missing SPARQLWrapper (python?) module. Searching yum for
>> sparql only shows the package rasqal which I have installed.
> Ok, I totally forgot about the dependencies :-P
> This is the SPARQLWrapper you need: http://sparql-wrapper.sourceforge.net/
> Please let me know how you install it on Fedora and I'll update the wiki.
> Christophe

There were also some dependencies I needed to install beforehand:

To compile redstore:


To use semanticstore:


and of course SPARQLWrapper, downloaded it from your link, extracted,
and ran inside its directory (as root):

python setup.py install

Launches fine for me now.


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