[Sugar-devel] [REMINDER] Development team meeting --- 12. June 2012 (15:00 UTC)

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Jun 12 07:08:22 EDT 2012


today we will have our weekly development team meeting, the topics will be:

- Introducing new contributors

- Update list of action items

- Porting of activities (GTK2 + Pygtk ---> GTK3 + 

- 0.96 release status

- Environments for development: jhbuild on F17, activity development 
with F17+Sugar installed

Time: 12. June 2012 (15:00 UTC)
Place: #sugar-meeting (freenode)


Action items from the 5th of June 2012:

     garycmartin to proove that Clock is not broken
     manuq follow up on humitos list of non-translated activities
     Gonzalo will have a look at #3407 #3388
     Manuel will have a look at #3561 to do in the theme
     humitos will have a look at the patches at #3605
     erikos to review and push #3406
     gonzalo look at soas
     gonzalo look at soas for development of actviities
     erikos posting his fedora-jhbuild patches
     erikos working on Fedora 17 jhbuild

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