[Sugar-devel] Some sugar-build comments

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 05:00:09 EDT 2012

On 11 July 2012 21:53, Manuel Kaufmann <humitos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I found sugar-build really easy-to-use. I tested it on F16 (32 bits)
> and F17 (64 bits) without problems (actually I sent a patch that fixes
> the error that I had on F16). On the other hand,
>  * [root permissions] I think we should add a message to the user
> letting him know about "which" command is sugar-build going to execute
> with "sudo". For example, when "yum install" is called.

Yeah, this is important. I added to the TODO, patches would be welcome.

>  * [github.com repository] Maybe we should remove this repository or
> point it to the git.sugarlabs.org one to avoid confusion (I prefer to
> remove the github one)

Ups, yeah, killed!

>  * [wiki page] I'm going to create a wiki page that explains how to
> use "sugar-build", just in case: Someone has already done this?

Yeah I think we need a wiki page, though I would like to keep it in
sync with the README somehow. I'm adding stuff there as I change the
code, so it's supposed to be always up to date. I can see a few

* Have the wiki as official documentation and just link from the README.
* Have the README as official documentation and just link from the
wiki (the details about git cloning the repo would have to still be on
the wiki of course)
* Write the README in wiki format and copy it on the wiki page,
keeping it in sync. (same story about git cloning)

I sort of like to keep the documentation with the code, but I don't
have a super strong feeling. What do you think of these possibilities?
Other ideas?


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