[Sugar-devel] [Sugar] Implement text to speech in Sugar feature - v2

Sascha Silbe silbe at activitycentral.com
Mon Jan 30 18:31:36 EST 2012

Excerpts from Simon Schampijer's message of 2012-01-30 23:32:23 +0100:

> >> If you have a long text been played, and want finish or start again
> >> from the beginning, you need a stop button.
> >
> > How about a rewind button instead? That would make it clearer what the
> > difference between the buttons is.
> A rewind button for stopping the playback? I think the stop button is 
> the best option here. Stop means stop, rewind is stop and play again.

No, a Rewind button for starting to play the text again from the start.
AIUI that was the use case for the Stop button (and would require two
clicks when using a Stop button, vs. just one for a Rewind button).

But if the (rest of the) Design Team considers Play/Pause + Stop to be
easier to understand than Play/Pause + Rewind, that's fine with me.

[Using <Alt>+S as shortcut will break many applications]
> > We already have a shortcut for this functionality that's less likely
> > to be used by applications than<Alt>+S is. We simply need to keep
> > using it, thereby retaining compatibility with previous Sugar
> > versions and not breaking random applications (that use<Alt>+S) with
> > avoidable platform changes.
> I don't think <Alt><Shift>S is a too long shortcut.

Great, then we have consensus.

> Would be great to find something simpler with maximum two keys to press.

The bulletin board key is still unused... <gdr>

Seriously though, we've already mapped a lot of functionality to the
function keys (F1-F4 zoom levels, F5 Journal, F6 Frame, F11+F12 volume),
so using another one won't make breakage of applications that rely on
the function keys much worse. F8 is the right-most "dots" key on XO
keyboards and thus easy to hit. How about using that as an additional
shortcut? <Alt>+<Shift>+S for _S_peak is easy to memorise and consistent
with other global shortcuts, so we shouldn't replace it, just add a
shorter alias.

One thing to consider when adding shortcuts for global functionality is
that we'll run out of key combinations that

a) are convenient to type and
b) don't risk breaking existing applications 

pretty fast. What will we map the Global Chat 

On my own systems, I'm using the window key (Grab keys on XO keyboards)
as modifier for global shortcuts (i.e. for the window manager) [1].
Since most desktops open some kind of panel or menu when you press the
window key, no application I've ever encountered uses it, leaving me
free to map any key combination with the window key. We could do the
same in Sugar if we don't mind that on XOs the Grab keys are also used
to temporarily put the touchpad into scrolling mode.


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