[Sugar-devel] Heads up about Glucose L10n

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 22:03:59 EST 2012

Dear Localizers,

As mentioned below, there is an almost identical copy of
sugar-toolkit.po in the Glucose project now, called

As the strings are mostly identical, I have copied over
sugar-toolkit.po strings where available and done an initial commit on
all languages.

Please keep in mind that the strings for sugar-toolkit and
sugar-toolkit-gtk3 are essentialy identical when localizing and try to
perform work on these two PO files in parallel for the sake of
efficiency and consistency.


On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 1:17 PM, Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com> wrote:
> [cc'd to sugar-devel. just in case I got any of this really, really wrong]
> Dear Localizers,
> As you may know, much of the focus in this development cycle of Sugar
> (0.95 > 0.96) is on things that happen "under the hood'.  At this
> point in time, Glucose has only diverged from Glucose 0.94 by about 90
> words.  There are a number of elements involved in the current
> re-factoring work.  There are changes being made to graphics handling
> to use Cairo, which is generally a good thing for localizers, but
> doesn't have a lot of impact on our L10n process.  There is a process
> of removing a dependency on an older technology called hippo-canvas,
> which again doesn't impact L10n to any great extent.
> The main change that will impact our localization process is the
> re-factoring of Glucose to be able to support both gtk2+ and gtk3+.
> Blocks of source code are being shuffled around to make it easier for
> Sugar to support both gtk2+ and gtk3+ in the same build.  Of course,
> this means that it is possible that strings may move around from one
> PO file to another within Glucose.  There has been some discussion
> about whether or not the 5 word suagr-base.po may disappear entirely
> into one of the other Glucose PO files, but it is not certain at the
> moment, and in any event that will not have a huge impact on
> localisers one way or the other.
> In the near future, it is very likely that the 78 word
> sugar-toolkit.po file will be more or less duplicated.  One
> sugar-toolkit,po to support gtk2+ and another (with a slightly
> different name) to support gtk3+.  At first they will probably start
> with exactly the same strings, so we will do what we can to just copy
> over completed strings from one to the other on the backend.  This
> does mean we will have a small amount of "duplicate-work" to maintain
> the two PO files, but as it is possible that they may diverge in their
> strings, this minimal amount of redundancy is just going to be
> necessary.  At only 78 words or so, this is just not a big deal given
> how important the change from gtk2+ to gtk3+ is in the source code and
> the importance of supporting both interfaces during the transition
> phase.
> I would encourage localizers working towards a complete set of strings
> to work on the Glucose 0.94 project as this version is frozen and it
> is the Sugar 0.94 version that will be used in most distribution
> channels that people care about (OLPC builds, Dextrose builds, Linus
> distro packages, TOAST/SOAS builds, etc.).  More than 95% of the
> strings will be easily copied over exactly to the Glucose project, so
> if you are going to focus on one, focus on Glucose 0.94 for now.
> As these changes land in the source code repository and then make
> their way into the Glucose project, further announcements will be made
> to the L10n list, but I just wanted you all to have some idea of what
> might be happening as we move forward and the reasons behind the
> justification for carrying redundant toolkit PO file strings.
> Warmest Regards,
> cjl
> Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator

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