[Sugar-devel] <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<BS> handling (was: Re: [PATCH 4/5] sl#3029: Localization fixes.)

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at laptop.org.au
Mon Jan 23 17:00:59 EST 2012

On 24 January 2012 04:09, Sascha Silbe <silbe at activitycentral.com> wrote:
> Excerpts from James Cameron's message of 2012-01-20 05:35:21 +0100:
>> On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 09:42:34AM +0530, Anish Mangal wrote:
>> > Yes, you're correct in pointing out that ctrl+alt+erase won't work in
>> > OLPC builds (and in Dextrose-3 till now), but on request by
>> > OLPC-Australia, this key combination will be enabled in Dextrose builds.
>> It might be handled by Sugar itself, in case the X server is configured
>> to allow it through.  If Sugar project consider it important from a
>> documentation perspective, that's where it could be enabled.
> That's an interesting idea. It doesn't interfere with zapping in the X
> server if that is enabled, so no technical reason not to do it. We could
> alias it to <Alt>+<Shift>+Q (after fixing the latter to log out the user
> rather than shutting down the machine), so open activities get closed
> with a chance to save their state. The only downside is that it may
> teach users that <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<BS> is safe.
> Patch welcome. ;)

The purpose of re-enabling this function was to provide a means to
restart Sugar if it became unresponsive, without having to wait for a
full reboot. This is useful in a classroom setting because children
always find new and interesting ways to mess things up :)

The implemented solution would need to work even if Sugar appears to
be locked up.

The ideal solution would be for the OS to manage resources so as to
minimise the likelihood of lock-ups occurring, but that is a separate


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