[Sugar-devel] Looking for a Spanish speaking colleague

Peter Hewitt prh at mulawa.net
Mon Jan 23 16:51:56 EST 2012

I'm looking for a Spanish speaker to work with me on my activities - maybe 
someone on this list can introduce me to someone who has the time and 
interest to assist.

Here's a link to all my activities: 

To give you some idea of what I hope to do - here's a list:

* Finish Countries ES - this will require checking the Capital Cities, 
checking the button labels, editing my Spanish Sugar Labs notes, playing 
the game enough to make sure it all works as expected. Here's a picture: 

* Check new Spanish versions of my word games - Letters and Across & Down.

* Most of my activities don't use any text so are truly international BUT I 
would like to produce Spanish versions of my Sugar Labs notes.

* Maybe investigate producing Spanish versions of my tutorials - especially 
the Web Tute that I'm working on at the moment - this is a very exciting 
project because it involves making one XO into a Web Server which can be 
browsed by other XOs.

Note that there are 39 activities so far and I don't plan to slow down :o)

Thanks ... Peter

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