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Manusheel Gupta manu at laptop.org
Sun Jan 22 09:41:08 EST 2012

Swaran and Anisha,

Wish if you could coordinate and send the pics, case study, videos and
other materials to Chris -

1. DAV Pilot project

2. DPS Workshop

Copying Hemant on the memo.



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Subject: Fwd: Sugar Labs Website Revamp Links-Feedback Request
To: manu at laptop.org

Hi Manusheel--I'm forwarding you John's original email that also includes
links to the content and design documents we looked at just now.


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Subject: Sugar Labs Website Revamp Links-Feedback Request
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 Hello All,

Following up on yesterday's email to the community on the Sugar Labs
Website Revamp I wanted to get the
document links to key individuals in the community and make a personal plea
for assistance on behalf of
Christian Marc Schmidt, myself, and the Bright Future of Sugar Labs.

I am acting as a facilitator on this effort with the Design effort being
led by Christian Marc Schmidt, who many of you
have worked with. Christian has been involved with Sugar Labs and its
Design initiatives(beginning in the Original
OLPC days if I am correct) will be constructing the site when we have
amassed enough content to get the new site off
the ground.

Christian would appreciate your feedback on his Design work along with
taking a look at the
Sugar Labs Website Refresh: Content Document* *he has put together that
lays out the vision.

We would very much appreciate if you might have the chance to email
Christian and me(we are CC'd above)
and let us know your overall comments/suggestions/enhancements before our
IRC Meeting Sunday
Jan. 8th 11amEST-16:00 UTC.(After works too).

Also if there are any areas you believe you could be particularly helpful
with let us know or if you can forward this to
someone in your circles that could-Please do so.

The three links follow:

*Christian's Design Template-Proposed New "Visually Centered/Modular" Design

*Sugar Labs Website Refresh: Content Document-Christian March Schmidt*

****Please Add Comments-Suggestions-Links-Images-Videos Or Suggested
Contacts we should reach out to*

* who may have content for specific areas within document*****

*Content Collected and Organized by RIT Co-op students JT Mengel & Mike
Devine last year.*

Sugar Labs Website<https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1XwLZjkdNmEMTNhOWE0YTEtOWJhOS00Mjg4LTkxZjktZjQ4MTQ4NTNlMWEz>

Thanks in Advance!
John Tierney and Christian Marc Schmidt

anything at christianmarcschmidt.com
917/ 575 0013

Skype: christianmarcschmidt

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