[Sugar-devel] Result of test activities on Sugar 0.94.1

Peter Hewitt prh at mulawa.net
Tue Jan 17 23:39:54 EST 2012

At 06:06 AM 18/01/2012, Gary Martin wrote:
>On 15 Jan 2012, at 04:33, Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn 
><<mailto:alanjas at hotmail.com>alanjas at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> > I have checked all my 31 published activities (there are 6 more 
>> undergoing
>> > final testing at the moment):
>> > on an XO 1 with 0.94.1
>> >
>> > No problems.
>> >
>> > Have marked with a green rectangle on the spreadsheet as requested.
>> >
>>Now, the problem is update the SugarLabs page..
>>For now, the only way is "upload new version" to select the compatibility 
>>with 0.94...
>If we're talking about 
><http://activities.sugarlabs.org>activities.sugarlabs.org, the developer 
>(or any ASLO admin) can log in and edit the metadata for an already 
>uploaded activity's Sugar compatibility. No need to bump the version and 
>re-upload if there isn't a change to activity code.

I checked every area on my "Activity Developer Hub" and could not find a 
place to make this alteration. But I stress that even if I did, this is a 
rather tedious process to have to go through every time a new version of 
Sugar is released. I've submitted an enhancement request that a global 
facility be made available.

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