[Sugar-devel] [FEATURE] Global Text to Speech

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Tue Jan 17 16:48:56 EST 2012

Hi Gonzalo,

> thanks for the patch! Here are a few notes:
> - when you have a text selected and want it to be spoken out a clipboard
> entry is created (I guess you need to have a look at why the clipboard tray
> reacts to that selection)
I only see this problem with the Write activity, not with Read, Browse or
May be Write is doing anything different with the clipboard?

> - you specify gconf keys, those would need to be added to the schema as
> well
> Added.

> - when you select a long text for reading there is no way to pause/stop
> it, might be worth having that option as well
It's true. I have added controls to pause/stop in the palette.
I have tried with two options (please see
One option with menu items and the other with buttons. The option with menu
items looks better,
but when the item is activated, the palette close, then if you want
pause/play more than one time
is annoying.
The option with buttons is better for usability, because the palette is not
but is uglier (the separator does not take all the palette width). Advice
is welcomed.
The code is commented in the patch then is easy test the two options
(SpeechPalette __init__ and _set_buttons_state)

I don't know what to do with the hot key. Pause if the user press when a
text is being played?

> - the shortcut is a bit long, maybe 'alt+s' is enough? (see above, maybe
> there is a shortcut as well for stopping? or hitting it again does stop the
> current playing one?)
Ok, changed. To stop we use Ctrl + q

> - it would be great to write in the Feature page a bit more about the what
> the Feature does and what it does not do, after discussing with you the
> other day: it is available in the Shell+Activities for any text you select,
> it does not allow you to do activity specific operations like reading a
> chapter in Read, or a whole book or a wikipedia activity in Browse nor does
> it is a primary tool for Accessibility (no criticism intended just to note
> what it does and what not)
> Formal:
> - there are a few items that do not need to be public e.g. 'self.pipeline'
> in 'AudioGrabGst'
> I have changed them. Now I have two variables is_playing, is paused
visible from outside, then added properties to access them readonly.

> - the copyright in the files is a bit all over the place
> Ok. Changed.

Thanks by the review, the patch is sent to sugar-devel.

>   Simon
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