[Sugar-devel] Proposed addition to Sugar

David Mason damason at redhat.com
Sun Jan 15 06:24:09 EST 2012

Hi Gonzalo,

> There are any reason why you can't transform this feature in a
> activity?
> Probably will be a lot easier include this functionality as a
> activity than as a part of the sugar core.

If it is possible to add an extra interface screen with an activity, and to introduce some additional classes that are available to other activities, then making Glycogen into an activity might be the easiest approach. While I was doing the initial development I could not see a reasonable way to do so, but I am happy to explore the possibility.

To me the concept of Glycogen seems to make more sense as a core UI addition, as it is not an 'activity' to be performed, instead it is another way of viewing activities so it belongs at the 'Home' level of the zoom metaphor. The current implementation adds a "Pathway View" screen to the home view in addition to the Favorites View and List View. The UI implementation is quite basic at the moment, so it needs a lot of work to use icons and drag-and-drop rather than simple lists. See https://docs.google.com/document/pubimage?id=1moNeAPxsdTaIOAJ9R45UcZODMsaJKpPJfKekx-IADcA&image_id=16hlvkWTCmt86EVepthJvaGOGpKJZOgc


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